How to move on in life

happycouple Life isn’t perfect as there are constant ups and downs. While it is natural to feel depressed and sorry for your self in low moments, remember life does not end there. Mitch Albom in ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ talks about how once you’ve had your moment with loneliness, you should let it go and get ready to experience other emotions. Therefore, get ready to move on.

Let bygones be bygones

The past is over and dwelling on it will be of no use. The futile game of ‘what if’ that many people play only leads to despair. Know that what’s done is done. You can’t change the past or try to seek comfort from it. Slam the door on the past and look ahead to a new life. After all, if you want to move forward, you need to look forward. Looking behind and walking will only cause you to stumble and fall.

History teaches us an important lesson — to learn from the mistakes of the past. Learning will prevent us from repeating the same mistakes again. Thus, we can move on with our lives armed with confidence and a positive attitude.

Carpe Diem – seize the day

Each day lasts only for 24 hours. Once these hours are lost we don’t get them back. It is of vital importance hence to live in the present moment; there’s no time like now. Besides, life is short; death can strike quite unexpectedly sometimes. Therefore, live life to the fullest every day of your life.

Don’t dwell on the negative aspects and concentrate your energy on the positive things. Learn new hobbies, spend time with friends and family, do something new that you’ve never done before. The simple joys of life can heal your mind and help you forget the ghosts of the past: this is all a part of the process of moving on with your life.

This may have been said before, but life is a precious gift. We need to respect it and make the best use we can of the life given to us.