How to Motivate Your Child to Read

motivate-your-child-to-read How to Motivate Your Child to Read

It is the duty of every parent to motivate your child to read. In this modern era kids spend most of their time in front of the television, video games etc. You need to motivate your kid from a younger age itself so that book reading becomes a habit for your kid. Here are some steps that may help you to motivate your kid to read.

1.    It is always better to incorporate this habit when your kid is a toddler. Get them books that contain colorful pictures and assist them to identify the pictures. Get them story books and read the stories for them. Read the stories as often they want you to do. Also ask them to read stories for you and listen to them keenly.

2.  Make a habit of reading books daily in the morning and also before going to bed. Most of the kids will consider their parents as their role model. So it is necessary that you should have a habit of reading books.

3.    Talk to you child and find out his interest and choices and get him the books of his preference.

4.    If you are reading a book and your child in showing interest in it then explain to him what you are reading. Share the articles in the newspaper or magazine with your kid and introduce new words and vocabulary to the child. This will help him to build interest in reading.

5.    Make a book shelf for your kid and fill the shelf with his favorite books. Also adds books that contain moral values and ethical beliefs.

6.    Take your child to the libraries and books shop and allow him to select books. If the school gives option to join a book club then encourage him to do so and allow him to take books from there.

7.    If your kid is reading a book, then enquire him about the book and his opinion on the book. This will motivate him to read the book carefully and to read several times. This will also help him to think while reading.

8.    Give rewards to your kid for reading the books carefully and also present him books as gift along with other gifts.