How to model your small apartment to look spacious

tiny-apartment All of us visualize about our dream house. Some wish for a beach house or a luxury condo apartment. People who are more ambitious wish to own an elite manor house. If you are a celebrity or a millionaire, then obtaining your dream dwelling is no big deal.

But for ones who are not as lucky and have just moved into a small affordable apartment, things might seem really different. There might be many constrictions in terms of space and area. However, a few small modifications can make one’s little dwelling look big and huge.

Choose the wall colors carefully

To make a tiny house look spacious, make use of light and soft colors on the walls. Soft colors reflect more light and give an impression of wideness in the rooms. Light pastel, warm or cool shades like cream, light blue, yellow could do the trick.

Use modest and portable furniture

Your choice of furniture plays a chief role in highlighting the ambience and spaciousness of your apartment. Instead of heavy and imposing furniture, use folding and convertible furniture. For example, use a stylish sofa cum bunk bed that can serve a dual purpose of sitting and sleeping.

Use rabbit chairs and a folding dinning table. There are many other modern and stylish options like multipurpose 90 degree furniture. Try to create wall mounted cabinets in unused corners for storing items and books.

Avoid over-accessorizing

At all costs, do not encumber a tiny apartment with excess of showcase items, vases, paintings etc. Use two or three small but stylish items to decorate the apartment. Add medium glass racks at appropriate places for photo frames. Use a wall phone and try wall mounting your flat TV. You can add a wall hanging plant holder near the window to enhance the aesthetic quotient.

Lights and mirrors

The amount of light, natural as well as artificial, plays a very important role in making a place looks spacious. The amount of natural light entering the room depends on the window positions. Place mirrors opposite to the light source to increase light reflectivity. There are many artificial lighting options as well, for example, lamps or track lighting. Make sure that you choose the correct lighting scheme for your apartment.

Even if it’s not the big deluxe residence you dreamt of, these simple things will positively make your small apartment look spacious and smart.