How to Massage Your Baby

baby-massage Massage Your Baby

Massaging the new born is a very ancient child care method. This will help you to make a strong emotional bond between you and your kid. Now it is scientifically proven that massages will benefit the babies and it works even with the premature babies. A good massage will help your baby to gain more weight and to grow quickly.

Oil massages will help the baby to relax and it makes the baby soothe and calm down. It also ameliorates the blood circulation and helps in digesting the food. Thus the baby can properly absorb the nutrients from their food. Massaging will also benefit the baby to get rid of the gas problems and related vomiting. Massaging gives a good exercise to the baby and it improves the coordination of the muscular activities. Besides all these, massages will improve the muscle tone and development in babies. It also imparts a beautiful and glowing skin.

Time and Position for Massaging

For massaging your baby you have to select a time that is preferable to you and to your baby. Avoid massaging while your baby is hungry or is in full stomach or feeling sleepy.  Before starting the massaging you must get a position that is comfortable to both of you. You can stretch your legs and can keep your baby on his back on your legs. Or you can spread a soft towel and lie down your baby on the sheet in front of you. This will help you to talk and play with your baby.

Massaging the Face

You can use natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil for massaging. Rub some oil in your hands and then start the massaging with the forehead. Slowly stroke your thumb on the center of the forehead and move towards the out. Then you have to shape your baby’s nose by pulling it towards you. Now moves down towards the upper lip and stroke the upper lips from center to outside as this will help them to form beautiful gums while teething. Also give circular motions on the jaw.

Massaging the Body

Give slight strokes and circular movements on the chest and the stomach. Tap the shoulders to make then strong and then roll your baby’s hands in your hand and pull him on his hands. You can also make exercise with the hands and your baby will definitely enjoy this. Try to fold his fingers and then open it. Do the same with the legs and also massage the foot and toes and pull the toes with out hurting the baby. Exercises will aid them in their muscle development. Now turn your baby and stroke his back from the shoulder to the legs and never go in the opposite direction.

Massaging will give your baby a better sleep and makes him more energetic.