How to manage diabetes

diabetes1 Every diabetic has different needs. Talk to your health care advisor about a treatment plan that is best for you. One major risk of diabetes is that it affects almost every part of your body. You should plan out your diabetes care to reduce the risk of heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage to hands and feet, kidney failure, gum problems, skin infections, etc.

Following are some steps to help you manage your diabetes:

1. Educate yourself about diabetes

You should know what type of diabetes you have. If you do not know, ask your doctor whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Knowing about the problem will help you take care of it better. You will know the risks of the type of diabetes that you suffer from, so read up and educate yourself as much as you can about the disease.

2. Get regular health check ups

After you know what type of diabetes you suffer from, make sure to get a regular health check up done. This should help you keep track of the disease and prevent it from causing more problems.

Typically, Type 1 diabetes sufferers need to take insulin every day. This type of diabetes is less common and used to be called juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes sufferers need to plan out their diet and daily exercise to help keep the disease in check. Many people also require medication along with a proper diet and exercise. Type 2 diabetes is very common and used to be called adult onset diabetes.

3. Prevention is better than cure

If you know of a close relative who suffers from diabetes, are over 40 years old, overweight and mostly inactive then you should do a health check up to make sure you don’t already have diabetes. TYpe 2 diabetes is mostly difficult to spot without a proper medical examination, therefore, don’t wait for the disease to set in. Take control of your health and prevent this disease if you can.

4. Eat healthy and on time

Eating on time and eating the right food in the proper proportion is the way to go. A little care for yourself will benefit you and your loved ones in the long run.

5. Don’t lose heart

Getting to know that you have diabetes should not upset you. Rather consider it a good thing that you know about the disease. Remain positive and keep active. Team up with friends your own age who probably also suffer from diabetes. Exchange diet tips and enjoy exercising together.