How to make your internet work at a fast speed

INTERNETFAST In this fast emerging world everybody needs everything in lightning fast speed and so it is the fact in case of internet. If you have problems in surfing pages and downloading then it might be due to a slow internet connection. So to speed up your connection you should follow some easy steps as described below. There are also some other rules which are a bit complex and want a bit of expertise to conduct.

At first turn off the multimedia features from your browser. This prohibits multimedia coding such a pictures, graphics, animations, videos, sounds to be displayed with each and every web page.  You can easily configure your browser to do this. This increases the speed of browsing as only the textual parts of the pages are loaded.

Go for internet browsing when internet traffic is low. Generally in the weekends the traffic is heavy and also in the evenings the traffic is much more. So try to browse the net early in the morning or at late nights, it would be much faster.

Another thing for fast internet browsing is Cache management. Look for the item named as “cache in your browser. This is a file which contains the shadows of recently visited pages for fast browsing. Sometimes you need to clean you cache for efficient use. You also have to manage your cache memory so that it can allot more web pages and enlist them properly.

The very important step to be followed is to upgrade your modem. See which modem provides the fastest connectivity on the telephone lines.

Consult your internet service provider to find out whether your modem has been configured correctly or not.  Sometimes it is seen that the modems are not configured correctly and thus it becomes faulty and gives us a slow connectivity. You should never try to configure it by yourself unless you know how to do this

Replace you telephone connection internet with fast internet connections like wave, ISDN, DSL, satellite, a cable modem etc.

You can also download- Download manager from the internet. This boosts downloads to a little extent. There are also some dial up connection booster softwares availabel on the web, you can install them and work at  a comparatively  good speed.