How to Make Tomato Ketchup

Tomato ketchup is found to be used in almost every homes and it is an important part of most of the breakfasts. Instead of buying tomato ketchup from market you can make it easily at home. In certain months of the year the production of tomato will be the highest and there will be surplus of production than demand and then the price of tomato falls. You can prefer this time to buy tomatoes in bulk for a cheap rate and can make tomato ketchup at your home. At home you can make it at under good hygienic condition and can preserve it for year long. You can also avoid the use of unwanted chemicals and preservatives while making tomato ketchup at home.

Making Tomato Ketchup

Select Tomatoes

For making ketchup you have to choose healthy red ripe tomatoes. Discard the pest attacked and rotten ones and also discard the green ones. This is because the green tomatoes will turn in to brown on cooking and this will gives a brown tint to the ketchup. Rotten infected tomatoes may have a different taste and it may spoil the ketchup.

Make a Spice Bag

Make a spice bag that consists of one head garlic, 8 cloves. 3 cinnamon stick, 8 whole peppers, 2 tablespoon each of allspice and celery seeds.

Making the Ketchup

Cook the tomatoes until it becomes soft. Then remove the skin of the tomato and mash then well. Now sieve the mashed tomatoes through a muslin cloth and this helps you to eliminate the seeds.

Take onions and chop them finely to get two cups of onion. Add two tablespoon olive oil in a frying pan and heat the oil. Then add this chopped onion in to the oil and sauté it. Now add one tablespoon cayenne pepper in to this pan and mix then well. Pour the tomato puree in to this mixture and keep the stove in low flame.

Now immerse the spice bag in to the tomato puree and boil the entire contents in low flame for about 30 minutes with constant stirring. Then add ¼ cup salt and one cup sugar in to the tomato puree. Take the tomato puree out of the flame and the press the spice bag to extract the entire juice from the bag.

Take 3 cups vinegar and to this add a pinch of spices and boil them for a minute. Now add this vinegar spice mixture in to the tomato puree and boil the contents in low flame for another 30 minutes. Then add half cup sugar in to the mixture and stir the contents well. Boil the entire mixture till in makes a thick consistency. You can check the consistency by taking it in a spoon and if it is sticking to the spoon then your ketchup is ready.


  • A. J. D’Cruz

    Recipe sounds good but you have not said how much tomatoes to use?