How to Make Sweet Grape Wine

How to Make Sweet Grape Wine

Grape wines are very famous for their taste and quality. Making grape wines are not a complicated process and you can do it at your home. For making grape wine you can use any variety of grapes. You can use different varieties of grapes together for making the wine or can choose particular varieties and thus can adjust the acidity of the wine.

Grape Wine

Collect six cups of grapes from your yard or buy them from market. Make sure the grapes that you are collected are ripe ones. Remove the leaves, twigs etc from the grapes and put them in a bowl. Now mash the grapes with a potato masher or with the hands. If you have large quantity of grapes then you can use wood for mashing. Allow the skin to be there and then transfer the mashed grapes to a large gallon jar. The most suited container is glass container.

Add four cups of sugar to one gallon water and boil it. Add one teaspoon yeast nutrient and two teaspoon lime juice to it. When the sugar solution gets cooled add yeast and stir it well or till the yeast get dissolved. Now cover the jar with a cheese cloth and this helps you to inhibit the air from getting in to the jar and at the same time allows the fumes to escape.

Keep this jar on a warm place for about one week. Then get rid of the cheese cloth and filter the wine. Store the strained wine in secondary fermentation container and keep it airtight. Then the sediments in the solution start to separate and remove the sediments in every month and change the bottle. With in 6 to 8 months time you will get clear wine. If your wine is not ready even after completing the fermentation process then shift the wine from one bottle to another for several times and allow it to fill up with oxygen.


In order to avoid the souring of the wine transfer them to a dry and clean dark colored glass bottle and cork the top carefully. Then cover the bottle with linen and keep it in a pan containing hot water. When the temperature of the wine reaches almost 60 degrees then keep the temperature steady for about 20 minutes. Now take the bottles out of the water and store in a cool and dark place.