How to make spicy mint dip

spicy-mint-dip Many of us make a lot of savory snack items at home. Whether it be potato fries or chicken patties, be it nachos or tacos, the real taste of a dish can be really enhanced if it is accompanied with a tasty dip.

This dip is served accompanying appetizers or starters. It adds a tangy, delicious taste to food and is very popular in Indian cuisine and is often served with dishes like roasted spicy chicken, chicken kebabs, lamb meatballs, fried fish, vegetables patties and deep-fried savoury snacks. A large variety of dips made from an exhaustive range of ingredients are also served in countries in the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. The dip also goes very well with breads. It can also be used in sandwiches.

Due to mint, the key ingredient, the dip works as an appetizer and aids in digestion. Mint leaves have a medicinal property to help digest heavy foods. These also cool and soothe the stomach. Combined with yogurt, the dip really aids digestion along with adding a great taste to the starters. You can also try the mint-dip recipe with a little variation. Onion, cucumber and coriander can also be used to make such dips.

Here’s how you can make your spicy mint dip. Take a bunch of fresh mint leaves. Separate the leaves and cut coarsely. Also cut two green chillies and a one-inch piece of ginger. Peel two garlic cloves and chop coarsely. Grind all these ingredients to a fine paste. Hang about 200 gm of curd in a clean, fine muslin cloth and remove all the water content. Mix the mint-paste with the hung curd, put salt to taste and grind together again. Refrigerate for a few hours. Serve the dip chilled with items like French fries, chips etc.