How to make sesame meatballs

meatballs1 This recipe is very famous in the Middle Eastern countries. It makes for an excellent starter item. For this recipe, you will need one kilogram of minced lamb meat, two large onions, two green chillies, a cup of bread crumbs, one egg-white, a bunch of coriander leaves, two tablespoons of white sesame and oil for frying.

Chop the onions coarsely. Sauté the onions in a little oil. Fry them till they are fried well and become transparent. Now, remove the sautéed onions and allow to cool.

Once cool, grind the onions with two green chillies, coriander and bread crumbs, egg-white and the minced lamb to a fine paste in a mixer-grinder.

Remove the ground meat and add white sesame seeds and salt to taste. If the ground meat paste is slightly soggy, refrigerate in the deep-freezer for about 15 minutes. This will help to make the ground meat-paste firm. Now, first divide the entire mixture into four parts. Next, make about 2-inch big circular meatballs. Try to maintain the same size of the meatballs.

Heat oil in a deep, heavy-bottomed pan. Deep fry the sesame meatballs to a fine golden brown. Remove the fried meatballs on tissue paper to remove excess oil.

Serve the meat balls with a mint-yogurt dip. To make the dip, you will need a bunch of fresh mint leaves. This is the basic ingredient of the dip. You will also need 100 gm yogurt and one green chillie. Hang 100 gm of plain yogurt in a clean cloth to drain excess water. Coarsely cut a bunch of mint leaves, one green chillie. Grind the mint, chillies and yogurt to a fine paste with some salt to taste. Mint aids in digestion and yogurt helps to cool the stomach. The dip goes very well with deep-fried items like sesame meatballs.