How to Make Papaya Pickle

papaya-pickle Papaya Pickle

Pickles are one of the hottest and spicy foods that can activate our taste buds. Papaya pickle is one among the delicious pickles and can be served along with snacks, rice, fried rice etc. For making papaya pickle you have to choose the right papayas other wise it may cause taste difference.

The best papaya for pickling is the matured green papayas. Immature ones may impart a bitter taste to the pickle while the ripe ones give a sweet taste. Choose a medium sized disease free and healthy mature green papaya for pickling.

Steps in Making the Pickle

First you have to wash the papaya to remove the dirt and the milk exudes from the papaya stalk. Then remove the skin of the papaya with the help of a sharp knife or a peeler and cut it longitudinally in to half. Now remove the seeds and wash the papaya again and dry it with a clean dry cloth.

Cut the papaya in to small pieces of ¼ inch width and 1 inch length and marinate these pieces with a mixture of 1/4th cup of salt and a spoon of sugar. Place the marinated papaya in hot sun in order to drain the excess liquid with in the papaya and to make it soft.

Add half cup mustard oil in to a frying pan kept on the stove and to this hot oil add half tablespoon fenugreek and mustard seeds along with 2 chili splits. Now add one tablespoon of finely chopped garlic and ginger. Prepare a paste out of one tablespoon chopped ginger, one tablespoon fenugreek seeds and 12 garlic flakes. Add this paste to the frying pan and fry it lightly. Then add one tablespoon turmeric powder and 5 tablespoon chili powder and mix them well.

To the frying pan add ¼ cup of lime juice and ½ cup of vinegar. Instead of lime juice you can also add acetic acid and this will inhibit the loss of volatiles. Also add ½ cup of warm water to the mixture and allow the entire contents to boil. When it becomes thick gravy off the stove and adds the softened papayas and stirs them well.

Now you pickle is ready to use.