How to make new use of old things

reusing-old If you’re on a budget or hate the thought of shopping for new supplies, then take the creative route. Dig out all the old things in your house that are no longer in use and convert them into productive items.

Reusing old objects is economic and environmentally safe. Anyone can achieve this feat with a little imagination and effort.

Gifts galore

Gift wrapping paper can be reused a number of times if you take care not to rip open a present and tear the paper to shreds. Save the wrapping paper for using it another time. You can embellish it with ribbons, sequins and stickers to give it a new look.

If you have leftover cloth after making a dress or quilt, you can use it for wrapping gifts. Make sure that you stitch up the edges first to avoid raveling of threads. Old calendars can also be used as wrapping paper by painting over the numbers or covering them with stickers.

Wall art

Sometimes people end up with a large collection of decorative trays or plates gifted by friends and family. Not all of these can be used and storage would take up space. Instead you can get plate hangers and display the trays and plates on the walls of your home.

Pictures from old calendars can be framed and hung on walls. You can have a theme based display — pictures of nature, babies etc. Coat racks can also be used to change the look of your home by hanging pictures on ribbons from the pegs and placing the arrangement on a wall.

Pets and plastic

In case you have pets at home, you can create a comfortable resting place for them. Don’t throw away old blankets, sweaters or towels; use them to create a comfortable bed for your pet. Empty tissue boxes also need not be thrown away. You can reuse them for storing small plastic bags.

With a touch of creativity and spirit, you can find a new use for your old things. So reuse, recycle and redecorate!