How to Make Homemade Lip Balm

homemade-lip-balm It really feels fantastic to be able to make lip balm at home. You can use it as a great gift for your friends, sister, or mother. They will really love your lip balm and appreciate your love. If you think that if it difficult to make your own lip balm then you are mistaken because the process hardly takes time.

Lip Balm Recipes

You can make different kinds of lip balms at home. The basic ingredients for all are petroleum jelly, beeswax, and essential oil. Here is the method of making basic lip balm. You need about one teaspoon of beeswax, two tablespoons of petroleum jelly, and some drops of any essential oil of your liking. Now take a small pot or any small utensil and melt the petroleum jelly in it over very low heat. Remove from heat once the jelly melts and then add the essential oil drops. Mix thoroughly and pour in different containers. Allow it to cool before using it. Keep one container for your self and gift the others to your friends.

Lemon Flavored Lip Balm

Here is another great recipe for making lemon flavored Balm. Many girls and women love the tangy flavor of lemon. It is perfect for summer because it produces a refreshing effect. To make this at home you require half teaspoon of beeswax, one tablespoon of petroleum jelly and just three drops of pure lemon flavor oil. You can also use lemon peel extract for the flavor.

Now the procedure is very easy. Just melt the beeswax in a small pan over low heat and then stir in the petroleum jelly to it. Mix nicely and turn off the heat. Now it is time for adding the lemon oil. Once it cools down you should pour it into containers and store in the fridge. You can experiment by using other flavored oils instead of lemon oil. Try using chocolate extract, orange peel extract, or any other oil.