How to make delicious chicken burger

chicken-burger Burgers are a favorite with most people. Who doesn’t like to binge and have a sumptuous, quick meal that is as delicious as a burger with a lot of fillings? While most of us rely on fast food joints for a quick bite, do you know that making burgers is indeed a very easy job? Here’s how to make a delicious chicken burger at your home.

The recipe is very simple and calls for some very basic ingredients. With very little effort, you can make a delicious burger, just like the one available at popular fast-food joints at your home in no time. The home-made chicken burger will satisfy your hunger pangs as it is so wholesome and filling and made out of some very nutritious ingredients.

Here is what you will require to make your chicken burger at home: ½ kg of minced chicken, one small onion, sliced, one cucumber, peeled and sliced in thin circular slices, a cupful of shredded lettuce, two cheese slices.

Microwave the minced chicken for 20 minutes. Cool. Take a freshly baked bun used to make a burger. Slice the bun into two neat halves. To prepare the burger filling, line a cheese slice on the burger. On this cheese slice, arrange a thick layer of minced chicken. Then make a layer of shredded lettuce. Next, add a layer of onions. After onions, add slices of peeled cucumber. You can also use pickled zucchini instead of cucumber. For seasoning, you can use a variety of dried herbs as per your taste. Use a mix of salt and ground pepper to sprinkle on the burger once all the ingredients have been sequentially arranged. Top with mayonnaise.

Now, press the burger slice tightly with the other half. If required, pin the two slices using a toothpick.