How To Make Chocolate At Home In Simple Ways

chocolate-bars Chocolate – the very name of the delicacy makes our mouths salivate in temptation. It is not only a scrumptious edible item; it’s also used in many food recipes as well as for spa massage.

But those who have a chocolate addiction and want to make some on their own at home, here are a few simple recipes:

Basic chocolate bars

The most convenient and time saving way to make chocolate simply requires four ingredients – cocoa powder, sugar, milk powder and some hot water. If one has these items at hand then start the work.

Take 1 cup of cocoa powder and 2 cups of milk powder in a bowl. Always remember that the amount of milk powder should be double the amount of cocoa powder.

Take a pan, put two cups of sugar in it and allow it to caramelize. But keep stirring the sugar mixture so that it remains fluid and does not thicken up.

Once you have a liquid base caramel, add it in little amounts to the cocoa and milk powder mixture. Make sure the caramel mixes up evenly all over.

Start mixing gently until it starts to thicken. Now boil a cup of water to a lukewarm temperature. Keep adding little amounts of this water to the cocoa, caramel and milk powder mixture.

Break down the mixture to make it more fluid and paste-like. After this take a tray with square or round gaps in it to fill the chocolate. One can also take a plain vessel to pour the whole chocolate and later cut it into bars.

Put it in the freezer for around 5-6 hours. Take your chocolate out of the tray and serve.

Nutty honey chocolate

There is yet another innovation to the same technique of making chocolate. The base would remain the same but some extra ingredients are added.

Get some good cocoa powder, milk powder, milk, milk cream, honey, butter, nuts and raisins.

Make the base by mixing cocoa powder and milk powder. Remember the ratio should be 2 cups of milk powder versus 1 cup of cocoa. Add honey this time as the sweetener.

Add 1 big spoon of milk cream, half cup milk and 1 tablespoon butter to the mixture and whip properly.

Finally, add some grated nuts and raisins to the mixture before putting it in the tray. After 5-6 hours in the freezer your nutty honey chocolate is ready.


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