How to Make Avocado and Chicken Sandwich

avocado-and-chicken-sandwich Do you pack your kids’ and husband’s lunch boxes with the same sandwiches everyday? Ask them how they feel about the sandwiches. They surely won’t like those sandwiches since they are bored with the same taste, no matter how nice delicious the sandwiches are. When you can easily experiment with new recipes of sandwiches, why do you have to give them the same thing? Find out how to make avocado and chicken sandwich and let them enjoy. This sandwich is also known as the Key West avocado and chicken sandwich. You will love the great taste that this sandwich offers.

Ingredients for Avocado and Chicken Sandwich

Make a list of the ingredients required for making this sandwich. You need one cup of mashed avocado, one cup of mango cubes, one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ten ounces of sliced grilled chicken breast, one cup of baby spinach, four whole grain rolls, and half teaspoon of green pepper sauce. You can also use Tabasco sauce instead of pepper sauce. Split each roll into two parts.

Steps for Making Avocado and Chicken Sandwich

Firstly you need to mix together green pepper sauce, lemon juice, and avocado in a small bowl. Make sure that all the ingredients are mixed well. Now on the bottom and top halves of the rolls you have to spread about two tablespoons of the lemon and avocado mixture. Next you have to add a layer of about quarter cup of the spinach, quarter cup of the mango, and one-fourth of the chicken only on the bottom halves of the rolls. Cover them with the top halves of the rolls. Now you can enjoy avocado and chicken sandwich.

If this recipe sounds delicious then you should try making some at home. This sandwich gives you the goodness of healthy proteins and whole grains. This will keep you full of energy and healthy.