How to Make an Indoor Garden

indoor-garden Indoor Gardening

Gardens are always refreshing ones and helps us to relax after a days work. If you don’t have enough space for an outdoor garden, no matter you can start a beautiful garden inside your home. This indoor garden will fill your home with positive energies and they will absorb the carbon dioxide produced by us and will emit the pure oxygen which is essential for our life. Indoor plants will help us to reduce the effect of pollution on us and helps us to maintain ourselves healthy.

Things to be Considered While Making an Indoor Garden

Choose a Place in Your Home

Before taking the plants inside you have to consider the amount of light that your house is getting. Choose the areas that get maximum light in day time. This is because plants require light for photosynthesis for maintaining their health. If it doesn’t get enough light then it becomes thin with small leaves. You can also supplement the plant with artificial fluorescent light. Artificial lights will also help you to maintain the temperature in winter and also at nights. Plants have a habit of turning towards the light and so you have to turn the plants at intervals to maintain its position.

Select the Plant

While choosing the plants for your home makes ensure that the plant survives well in light to medium light. Also try to avoid the plants that may cause allergies. While choosing plants you have to consider their appearance and the display that you need in your home. Certain plants that grow well in indoor conditions are Boston fern, spider plant, aspidistra, philodendron, snake plant, bromeliad, cyperus, dragon trees etc.

Choosing the Container

There are different types of containers available in the market like wood, brass, plastic, copper, aluminum, ceramics, fiberglass etc. Which ever the material you have to keep them clean and make sure that it contains holes for draining the excess water

Potting Mixture

Potting mixture an be either the pure earth mixed with charcoal, manure etc or you can use hydroponics kits which is a soil less system of special water enriched with nutrients.


Water the plants regularly and do not water the pots excessively. Excess water will cause water logging and the soil will become devoid of oxygen and thus it will spoil the plant. Spray a little water on the leaves in every morning will help them to maintain the humidity. Less humidity results in drying up of the leaves.


Indoor plants require less fertilizer when compared to outdoor plants. It will be ideal to give less quantity fertilizer but at frequent intervals. You will get liquid fertilizer and even fertilizer sticks for fertilizing the indoor plants.

Rotate the Plants

It will be ideal to rotate the plants once in two weeks interval with the outdoor plants as it will give a boosting effect to the plants.