How to Make an Espresso Coffee

espresso-coffee How to Make an Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee machine is used to extract coffee under high pressure. There are different types of espresso coffee machine that have different technologies but the basics of every machine is same. Espresso coffee is a refreshing drink. With practice you can make good espresso coffee.

Tips to Make Espresso Coffee

1.    There will be a water chamber in your espresso coffee machine. You have to pour clean and cold water in to this chamber and secure the boiler cap. In one shot the espresso will give you one ounce of coffee. In order to get a double shot you have to employ two ounces and certain machines can offer four shots at a time.

2. Make sure that you are not using boiling water for making espresso. If you are using boiled water then the process of making great coffee won’t work and it won’t generate sufficient heat to extract the important components.

3. Add correct amount of coffee powder to the machine. It is about 7 gram for one ounce.

4.   Now you have to pack the coffee grinds using a tamper in to the filter of the espresso machine. Tamper is having a size approximately equal to the inside of the filter. Tamper is used to pack the coffee grinds closely together to a density that will help the water being forced through the coffee grind with correct resistance. The normal pressure for making coffee is 30 pounds. If the resistance offered against the water flow is less then the water will flow through the coffee grind with out taking the necessary elements. If the resistance is high then the coffee will be without crema and taste bitter.

5. You can adjust the pressure and grind of the coffee powder accordingly. If you are using fine grind coffee powder then you can use low pressure for making the coffee. If it is loose grind then use it with high pressure.

6. Keep the cup under the brew basket and turn on the machine. It may take about 25 seconds to brew the coffee and you will get foam on the surface of the coffee.

With constant practice you can make good espresso coffee. You also try with different types of coffee powder of different roasts.