How to Make an Anthurium Bloom

Make an Anthurium Bloom How to Make an Anthurium Bloom

Anthurium is a plant cultivated for their beautiful foliage and flowers. It has a long life span and this makes anthurium an important part of most of the gardens.

Anthuriums are available in different colors, shapes and sizes and it is an easily manageable plant. It is a popular cut flower used for flower arrangements as it has a good shelf life. But many of the anthurium growers face a problem regarding the flowering of anthurium. Many of the growers failed to induce flowers in their plant even if they have healthy beautiful leaves and this makes them disappointed. Here are some tips to make your anthurium flower again.

Tips to Induce Flowers in Anthurium


First of all make sure that anthurium is getting enough light. Anthurium is a native of rain forest and hence it prefers bright light in diffused manner.

These plants prefers to be in sunlight for the entire day and but take care to avoid direct sunlight. This is because direct sunlight may burn the growing tips and the plant may die soon. If you are not able to provide natural light to your anthurium then give your plant some artificial light for about nine hours a day.


Ensure that you are giving enough water to the plant. If it is summer then you have to water your anthurium daily but never water log your plant. Excess water will kill your plant. Never wait for the potting mixture to dry up completely for watering it again as it keeps your plant away from flowering.

In other seasons water the plant at least three times a week. Being a rain forest plant it prefers moisture. Hence you can also moist your plant frequently instead of watering. You can also keep your plant pot over a tray containing pebbles and water and this will increase the humidity around your plant.


While adding fertilizer you must be careful to reduce the quantity of nitrogen fertilizers and at the same time you have to increase the potassium and phosphorous components. This is because nitrogen will induce more vegetative growth while potassium and phosphorus will induce the reproductive growth. Fertilizers for inducing flowers in anthurium are now available in the market.


Repot your anthurium with a good potting mixture that includes chipper, course washed sand, broken bricks, sphagnum moss, peat, tree bark, shells etc.