How To Make a Sugar Solution to Remove Body Hair

How To Make a Sugar Solution to Remove Body Hair

Unwanted body hairs are a problem to many people and most of you want to get rid of these hairs to make yourself attractive. Hair free hands and legs are considered to be neat and a part of hygiene by many people. Many people go for cosmetic procedures to avoid these hairs while others prefer to wax their body or simply shave off the hairs. If you want to remove these unwanted hairs at your hone itself then you can make a sugar solution that act as a better hair removal wax.


White sugar – one cup
Honey – quarter cup
Lemon juice – one ounce
Molasses – quarter cup

Preparation of Sugar Solution

Get a microwave safe bowl and to this add one cup of white sugar, quarter cup of honey, quarter cup of molasses and one ounce of lemon juice and combine them well. Keep this mixture in microwave at high temperature for about three minutes. Then get the mixture back and use a wooden spoon to check the mixture whether it is smooth or not. If it is not then keep the bowl back to the microwave and heat for 50 seconds.

Remove Body Hairs with Sugar Solution

Once the mixture is ready then allows it to cool or warm enough to spread on your skin. Use a plastic spatula or Popsicle stick to apply a thin layer of this mixture on the part of your skin where you want to remove the hairs. Then place a cotton cloth over this spread and press gently. Then rub upward over the cloth in order to bind the sugar mixture to the cloth. Now you have to pull this cloth quickly and in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Continue this process till you remove all of those unwanted hairs from your body.

Once you finished removing hairs then wash the body with warm water and soap. Then dry your skin with a soft towel and apply a moisturizer on the skin. This will help you to soothe the skin.