How to make a personal wedding video

wedding-video We all like to store memories of special occasions. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies or weddings, photographs are taken and videos are recorded so that the event is remembered for a long time.

At weddings, mostly a professional is hired to do the job. If you want the process to be personal, try creating your own wedding video.

A personal wedding video can be made by a person who is skilled with a camcorder. Also, instead of recording only the ceremony and reception, you can take a video of the events leading up to the wedding.

First things first

Ensure that you’re equipped with the right technology for shooting and editing of the video. An additional advantage would be to have devices that allow you to add music, sound effects and captions to the video.

After the final video is ready, you need to have CDs and DVDs to store the video. Make sure you have the required players at home that will enable you and your family to see the video.

Spontaneous moments

The preparations for a wedding are as exciting as the wedding itself. Buying the dress, putting up the decorations, wrapping presents and favors etc. are all part of the wedding preparation.

The jokes, good humored teasing and easy conversation that accompany these occasions will make for fond reminisces in the future. Hence, try to record these moments as well.

Picture Perfect

The wedding reception will have a lot of pictures and shots of the couple and the family. However, these might be a little ceremonial due to the day’s exhaustion and excitement.

Instead try to capture some joyful moments in the family before the wedding. Occasions like a dinner between both families, the rehearsal of the wedding party or the couple discussing their wedding plans all make for picture perfect moments.

The wedding is not just about the ceremony and reception; the making of the wedding is important too. So capture it on camera and enjoy the video for years to come.