How to Make a Green House

green-house Green House

Green House is a place where you can grow your plants with more controlled environmental conditions. You can alter the temperature, humidity, light etc inside a green house.  Green house will allow you to grow your favorite plants even in winter and thus you can extend the growing and flowering season. For making a green house you need not have to be technically qualified. All you need is a well designed plan and the willingness to work. Before starting your work you must check your local building codes and make sure that they will allow you to make a green house at your home.

Tips to Make a Green House

1.    Site Selection

First thing you have to decide is that whether you want a green house attached to your home or a separate one? Then select an area in your yard where maximum sunlight will be available in the winter season. Also consider the big trees standing near by as they will cause shadows and the green house won’t get enough sunlight. The most preferred location is south east which will have good sunlight in the morning section and this will make the plants grow better. You can also choose a south west location as this part will get evening sunlight.

2.    Designing the Green House

Make a good design for your green house. First decide the size of the green house depending upon the plants you are planning to grow. An eighty square feet area will be enough for growing hundred plants. While calculating the space also considers the area for working and also to keep your garden tools, fertilizer, potting material etc.

3.    Foundation

Now level the base of the green house and add the foundation. You can use concrete foundation, wooden foundation with non rotting wood cedar, red wood etc or even can use pea gravel. Pea gravel will help you to get rid of the drainage problem. For keeping pots you can make benches of different heights with rot resisting woods, aluminum frames etc. This will help you to accommodate more plants.

4.    Frames

Now decide the shape of structure or frame. There are A Frame, Quonset, Rigid-Frame, Gothic, Post and rafter frame etc and among these the post and rafter and rigid frames will provide you more ventilation and space.

5.    Covering Material

Choose the covering material for your green house and some of them are film plastic, glass, rigid double wall plastic, fiber glass etc. Among this film plastic requires only a light frame and is cheap also. While choosing the covering you must compare them with the material chosen for frames and make sure that the frame can hold the covering material.

6.    Environment Inside the Green House

Depending up on the plants you are planning to grow inside the green house you have to control the environment also. Instead of the energy from sun you can use machines like air circulators, heaters, exhaust fans, fans, and equipments for misting, thermostats etc. In summer you have to provide shade to the plants with additional shading clothes and evaporative cooling will help you to control the temperature.

You can also make use of the salvaged materials in your home for making the green house.