How to maintain the right social etiquette at parties

etiquettes You may be a hermit but there’s no avoiding the occasional office function or a formal dinner at a restaurant. Being aware of the proper etiquette followed at a social gathering helps you get through the evening smoothly and gracefully.

Even those who frequent the social event circuit regularly would do better by following certain etiquette rules. Maintaining proper etiquette can make you stand out as an elegant and pleasing personality. Even if people around you aren’t etiquette followers, you need to mind your own social behavior.


Introduce yourself to new unknown guests with your full name. Offer your hand for a handshake and maintain eye contact. Smile pleasantly and listen to them as they introduce themselves. It would be a pity to forget their name later during a conversation.


While having a general conversation with someone at a social gathering, focus on light impersonal issues. It would be rude to ask personal questions or gossip about a common acquaintance.

Similarly, don’t be too expressive about political and religious issues. People are from diverse backgrounds and you may inadvertently hurt someone’s sentiments. Think of some topics that can serve as conversation pieces before you go to the party.

Cell phone

You may think it is stylish to flaunt your expensive cell phone but no one really cares. Avoid answering calls during a conversation. If it is a serious matter, excuse yourself and attend the call somewhere far away from the party area.

Also, it is rude to talk loudly on the cell phone. People won’t be impressed that you just scored a deal. Rather they’ll be annoyed that you let the world know about personal matters, which don’t concern them.

Fine dining

At dinner, remember that you’re not eating alone. Don’t chew or burp loudly and excuse yourself if you do. Avoid speaking with your mouth full and don’t wave your glass or fork around while talking.

Be polite to everyone including the waiters and you’ll impress the other guests with your elegant mannerisms.

So become a social human being by following the correct social etiquette.