How to maintain the black tie etiquette

black-tie Party norms have changed radically in the modern times. Hosts plan their events according to various themes, which also decide the dress code. Most special occasions don’t have a dress code at all. What do you do then when you receive an invitation that states ‘black tie’ as the dress code?

The black tie convention tends to be often misinterpreted. This dress code has specific details that need to be followed. In addition, at such events, you will also be expected to maintain certain proper etiquette.

What to wear


If you want to adhere strictly to the dress code, the following details of your attire should be taken care: a black dinner jacket, single or double-breasted; A midnight blue jacket is also acceptable; the trousers should match the color of the dinner jacket. Make sure both pieces are of the same kind of material.

A black-tie waist covering is quite uncommon these days. It would include a black waistcoat or cummerbund. A white shirt is essential, along with a black silk bow tie. The shoes should be black and the cufflinks (if worn) should be black or gold. You may carry a white handkerchief of silk or linen.


Women can wear a floor length evening gown or dress to a black tie event. A cocktail dress can be worn for black tie parties held during the day time.

What to do

If you don’t know someone at the party, introduce yourself and shake hands with them. Keeping good eye contact during an introduction or conversation indicates good manners.

If any food or drink is served, hold it in your left hand. Thus, when you need to shake hands with someone, your right hand will be free.

Stay in control

A black tie event is not your average birthday party with dance and drinks. Keep the alcohol intake to a minimum to avoid losing control and embarrassing yourself at a formal event.

Brush up on the best etiquette and you can sail smoothly through a black tie party.