How To Lose 20 Pounds

Losing weight fast is not an easy task. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to lose 20 pounds within three to four weeks. Often certain circumstances motivate up to move on a fast weight loss track. May be an unexpected wedding invitation or a beach vacation might trigger your inner desire to look good and win compliments from people around you. If you aim to lose 20 pounds in a short period, here are some useful tips that would help you to reach your target weight.

How to lose 20 pounds

Eliminate refined carbohydrates
For losing fat fast, cut off refined carbohydrates from your meals. To attain your desired body mass, stay away from white bread, rice, pasta, cereal, starchy vegetables such as potato, food items using breadcrumb as an ingredient and all forms of fried foods.

Eat smaller meals
Break your large meals into smaller meals. Have four small meals throughout the day. Make sure that the gap between two small meals is not more than four hours. By having frequent small meals, you can overcome your binge eating habit. It will satisfy your appetite for a longer period, preventing your body to go into the hoarding mode.

Fruits and vegetables
Have at least two types of fruits or vegetables at the beginning of each meal. It is advisable to have raw fruits and vegetables. Some weight loss experts suggest that vegetables that are cooked or even steamed could inhibit rapid weight loss. The slow pace of digestion of raw fruits and vegetables will keep you full for a long time. You can include fruit juices and vegetable soups or broths in your diet. However, make sure that these food items do not contain added sugar and fat.

Increase protein intake
A low carbohydrate diet might make you lethargic. Fruits and vegetables alone could not meet your regular calorie need. You can meet your calorie requirement from proteins such as legumes, beans, soy and egg white and small amounts of lean organic meat. You can add protein drinks such as whey protein to your diet.

Drink chilled water
You can boost your metabolism by drinking about six to eight glasses of ice-cold water.

Morning workout
Exercising for about 30 to 45 minutes, early in the morning, could help to promote rapid weight loss.