How to look sultry and cool this summer

summerfashion Summer is here and the fashion magazines are out with brand new trends for summer fashion. Summers are when we can try a brand new look and renovate our clothes, accessories and make-up completely. So, here are a few tips to look sultry and cool this summer:

Get in shape

Before following any fashion trends or buying an expensive beach wear, try to shed any extra kilos you have. Join a gym and get an expert dietitian advice to get a good sleek figure.

This also applies to people who are already fit because even after attaining a certain look, one needs to maintain it. A sleek body can carry any fashion with ease. However, it doesn’t mean that one has to starve oneself.

Experiment with latest fashion wear

One’s your target physique is achieved, go to the nearby mall or a designer boutique. Keep your budget in mind here. While selecting outfits, one should understand that wearing skimpy clothes doesn’t always highlight a sexy look.

One can look attractive in a smart T-shirt and shorts too. The clothes we buy should reflect our personality and also give us the necessary comfort. Try some experimentation. For example, try out harem pants with a short sleeved cotton top.

Choose colors with care. For example, if your top is bright colored, flatter it with a pale and frilly mid-length skirt.

Even while buying a bikini, it is wise to pick keeping in mind one’s figure and style.

Make-up tips this summer

When it comes to summer make-up, always keep the outside temperature in mind. One does not look great by simply applying cakes of foundation and compact. Try a natural look; apply a thin veil of translucent powder.

Consult a make-up expert to choose the right eye shade. When it comes to lipsticks and nail colors, one can try something among the blazing red shades with a little bit of metallic gloss. Use mascara instead of a liner.


Summers are incomplete without sunglasses. Generally, jumbo framed sunglasses do the trick for summer and they look stylish too. Take a hat and match it with your handbag. For example, if one is wearing a round straw hat then one can take a stripped straw hand bag to compliment it.

There is a lot of scope for research to achieve that sexy summer look. So go ahead and start your summer makeover.