How to Look Expensive Without Spending Much

recession-style Sure, the recession has hit us all hard, and money might best be spent on feeding the family rather than those lustworthy Jimmy Choos, but, just because you’ve got a smaller budget than usual doesn’t mean your style needs to suffer. Time to be a recessionista!

Second hand ain’t second-best!

Second hand clothes shopping is a fantastic way to score some unique, individual pieces for much less. Scour all the op shops, or second-hand boutiques for select, fashion forward pieces. But how do you find these pieces, when it seems as if you’re greeted with racks of old-season clothes? The tailored blazer (as seen sported by Sienna Miller) is still on-trend for this season, so have a look at the men’s section of the store and try a few on! Lingerie is also a good place as there are always some sweet lacy slips that if not to sheer can double as a sexy little black dress. Simply team with heels, hosiery and some serious attitude.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

DIY is a fantastic way to give old clothes a new lease on life. That summer maxi dress looking old and tired, simply cut it up and turn it into a mini. Always be sure to pin the length you’d like and then leave a little extra to hem. Can’t sew? There are plenty of alteration places which will cost you a bit but still much less than a brand new dress. Boring black pumps with scuff marks? Simply head to your local craft store for some leather spray and spray them bright red, they’ll look like brand new again! Sewing new buttons on dresses, re-hemming pants into shorts, wearing skirts as tops are all things which can work for you, you just need to have a long, hard look in that closet!

Clothes Swap

Envious of your friend’s little black dress? Chances are she’s sick to death of it, and just loves that pencil skirt you never wear anymore. Gather up all your stylish buddies, ask that they bring with them some clothes they don’t wear anymore and have a clothes swap party! It’s an excellent way to get a new outfit for less, in next to no time!