How to Live with Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammation in the joints caused by the damage of the bones. People having psoriatic arthritis are found to have a special cell in their body which is keen in dissolving the bone. There may have good amount of a protein in their joints that may attract the bone dissolving cells in the joint and cause problems there.

Psoriatic arthritis cause pain, inflammation and swelling in the joint. At times the bones may shrink and even disappear. This may result in disfiguring. Even the tendons in the joints are gets affected.

Coping with Psoriatic Arthritis


If you have psoriatic arthritis then you must take enough rest when ever you feel tired. Make a good sleeping pattern at night and sleep on time every day.

Schedule Your Work

If you feel tired and stiff in the morning then take rest at that time. When you feel that your flexibility is better then does your work like cooking food for the next day, washing clothes etc. This will help you to avoid problems and stress on your body.

Prioritize Your Work

When you have difficulty to do complete each and every thing then prioritize your work. Give more priority to your necessities like taking care of your children.


Exercise is a necessity to psoriatic arthritis patient. This is because if you keep yourself inactive then your joints become stiffer and it troubles you more. You have to concentrate on three types of exercises like strength training exercise, range of motion exercise and weight bearing exercise.

Strength training exercise may help you to strengthen your muscles and thus protects your joints. Range of motion exercise is a stretching exercise for your joints and this gives flexibility to your joints in each direction. Weight bearing exercise will improve your health and cardiovascular fitness. You have to maintain your weight in an appropriate manner as overweight cause extra stress on your joints.


You must take a well balanced diet that gives you vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. Certain foods stimulate inflammation in the joints and you need to avoid such foods. The common problem causing foods are dairy products, wheat, soy, egg, citrus fruits, alcohol, caffeine, corn etc. Each person responds differently to these foods and hence you have to find the one that cause problems to you and avoid it. Similarly omega-3 fatty acid is found to reduce the inflammation in the joints.