How to Lighten Your Complexion

lighten-your-complexion Dark is beautiful but many women wish to lighten their complexion and look fairer. Sometimes the elements of weather and pollution can make you look tanned. Your beautiful skin gets hidden behind a layer of dead and pigmented cells. If you want to look fairer then you don’t have to spend your money on costly treatments, potions, and creams. The creams that are available in the market are not safe because they have many chemicals in them.

Home Cure for Fair Skin

When you can find plenty of home remedies to look fairer, why would you want to turn to any other source? Make these face packs at home that will make you look gorgeous. If your skin has suffered from sun tan then you can use gram flour, which is very effective in regaining your color. You can add lemon juice and some curd to it to make a pack. Just prior to taking a bath you should apply it on your face, neck, arms, and legs. Wash off after half and hour. You need to follow this everyday for some weeks in order to notice results.

Face Packs for Bright Skin

You can mix pure honey, almond paste, lime juice, and milk powder together and smear the paste on your face. Wash it after fifteen minutes and discover glowing and brighter skin. Have you ever used the pulp of papaya for taking care of your skin? It has certain enzymes and antioxidants that help in lightening skin. Another natural skin lightener is coconut milk, which you should apply on your face. You can also drink coconut water for healthy and glowing skin.

Scrub Your Face

Sometimes you can also look fairer if you exfoliate your skin properly. For this purpose you can scrub your face gently with a mixture of cooked oats and fresh buttermilk. Your skin will look brighter after this treatment. You can grind orange peel and some basil leaves to make a paste. This paste with lighten your complexion.