How to let go your grudges and bitterness

no-grudges In our day to day struggle for existence, we frequently encounter resentment, grudges, complaints, bitterness and hostility from our fellow beings. It is quite natural that we can’t please every body and be our best at every moment in our life. Though it is very difficult to deal with, but often we manage to cope up with it when we experience these kind of behavior form someone distant. We don’t even bother in many cases. However, if it comes from someone dear and near, we are definitely hurt and are often shattered. It leaves us with strong feelings of anger, hatred, vengeance and disappointment. We hold on to our grudges and things become much more difficult for us. We suffer and remain discontented but nothing changes. The scar once created remains forever.

However, if you scrutinize and analyze life, you will understand that, moments of joy and happiness in our life are short lived. The art of living is mastered by those who can retain those moments of bliss and let go of the grudges and bitterness. For the rest, life piles on life. It becomes grumpy and monotonous. Now the choice is yours.

Forgiveness is the key to let go your grudges and bitterness. You need to practice forgiveness not because you want to act saintly but because you want to live life cheerfully. It is an act of unbinding yourself from those thoughts and reminiscences that fastens you with your pains and sufferings. More than doing good to others it will be beneficial for you in the long run. It will help you to move forward in your life with a new perspective and understanding. It might as well result in reconciliation in some cases.

Remember it is a gradual and time consuming process, it is a commitment that you make to yourself not because you want to change others but because you want to improve your own life style.