How to let a guy know you like him

guy-n-gal Liking someone is not wrong. But when the person you like is unaware of your feelings, you do feel something is wrong. You have all these feelings for a guy and want him to know how much you admire him. But then he walks by you as if you were invisible and your heart is in shreds.

You need to know that guys are not mind readers. They have no clue what you feel for them if you haven’t done anything about it. The ‘playing hard to get’ trick fails sometimes and you’re back to liking someone who has no idea how you feel. You can, however, use subtlety to your advantage and let the guy know you like him.

Smile, please

A smile always works like a charm. Practice smiling in front of the mirror. It needs to be pleasant smile that will reflect your wonderful personality. Avoid scaring him by grinning or smiling continuously for too long.

The eyes say it all

Eye contact is very important. Maintain eye contact when you see him or pass by him and then give a quick smile. He may return your gaze and smile back; then you know there’s hope. However, avoid staring at him incessantly.

You, yourself and him

He won’t like you if you pretend to be someone else. Let him know what kind of person you are by being natural. Don’t lie about your interests just to impress him. If you two have opposing likes and dislikes, it doesn’t mean he won’t like you.

Bonds of love

It would be awkward to ask him on a date if there’s no mutual feeling of liking. But there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with him in a group. Ask him to a party with your friends. It gives you an opportunity to talk to him; you can get to know each other and establish a special bond.

Remember that you shouldn’t push too much in your efforts to let him know you like him. He may start avoiding you and that is the last thing you want.