How to keep your garden blooming throughout the year

garden-flowers Don’t you just admire the way in which some gardens always have blooms throughout the year? Well here are some tips on how you can have colorful blooms in your garden too.

1.    Remove dead blossoms. Just as you take a bath each day to remove dead cells and stay fresh, so also remove the dead blossoms from your plant to keep them looking fresh and alive. This will also help the plant grow new blooms to replace the dead ones, giving you the fresh blossoms that you want.

2.    Prune regularly. For some reason, pruning helps plants to grow better. You can keep a pruning schedule to help you keep track of how often you have pruned your plants. You can divide the plant clumps and prune them in steps to create a unique effect.

3.    Re-seed. Some plants require re-seeding. Keep track on a plant calendar of all the plants that require re-seeding and then re-seed as per schedule. You are sure to enjoy the benefits of this added effort.

4.    Fertilize the soil. Use a good fertilizer to keep your plants well fed. I sometimes like to add a little Vitamin B capsule to the soil to give plants an added boost.

5.    Use colorful non-flowering plants. You can add non-flowering plants to your garden to obtain the hues that you want throughout the year. The benefits are two fold, first you get all the colours and second non-flowering plants require less care as compared to flowering ones.

The above tips will benefit your garden and the satisfaction that you will receive is an added bonus.