How To Keep Nail Polish Look Fresh

How To Keep Nail Polish Look Fresh

Most of you may be fed up with the professional and costly manicures that may not give long lasting results. I hope you will be happy to know that you can preserve your nail color and the freshness of your nail polish by following some simple tips at your home.

Tips to Keep your Nail Polish Looking Fresh

Trim the Nails

First of all you have to clean your nails and remove all the dirt and dead tissues. Then trim the nails to a length not more than ¼ inch preceding the finger tips. Trim all the nails to a uniform length and file them to get a uniform shape. Now again wash the nails to get rid of the fine powders of nails that are settled in between the nails and the cuticles. Dry your hands properly as nail polish adheres perfectly on the dry nails.

Base Coat

Apply a growth boosting base coat on your nails and this helps you to make your nails strong. It also provides a clean slate for the nail polish and also allows the nail polish to stick better.

Apply Nail Polish

Get the nail polish bottle and roll it in between your hands. This may help you to mix up the ingredients well. You must take care not to shake the bottle as it may create air bubbles. Now apply the nail color in thin layer and once the first layer is dried apply more thin layers and apply it only after the previous layer is completely dried. While coloring your nails makes sure that you are coloring the tips equally so that you can avoid chipping. Once you finished coloring your nail with nail polish and then apply a clear top coat on top of it.

Care Your Nail Polish

After finishing the nail coloring wait for sometime before starting the works that may chip your nail polish. This helps your nail polish to set perfectly and completely. Always wear a gloves while washing the dishes or working in garden. You must take care of the small chips immediately otherwise it may extend to large ones and then you need to manicure the entire nail.