How to Keep Dogs Warm in the Winter

How to Keep Dogs Warm in the Winter

The most difficult thing that every pet owner faces during winter is to keep their pet warm. Some dogs are more affected by winter like the old dogs, short haired and small ones.. Here are some points that may help you to keep your dog warm.


You can buy a jacket for your dog and while purchasing jacket you need to buy the ones that last long. If your dog use to walk in the snow then buy a water resistant jacket. You can also choose a sweater for fall and a heavy jacket for winter season. Also consider the ones that are easy to put on.


Buy boots for your dog if your dog walks through the snow. This will help you to protect your dog’s paw from snow, ice crystals and from the materials that are used for melting the ice. Boots also help your dog to control his body temperature as dogs regulate their body temperature through their soles.

Dog House

Make a quality dog house for your loving pet or buy one from market. This will protect your dog from snow, wind and rain. While keeping the shelter make sure that its opening is not facing the wind. You can also fix a heater inside its shelter but you must do it with a professional’s help so that your dog won’t get a chance to chew the cord and all. If possible keep your dog house on a raised structure so that rain water won’t get in to the shelter.


Provide blankets or beds insides the shelter. Now heated beds which contain discs are also available in the market. You can keep these discs in microwave and can be heated. This disc will hold the temperature for long period. Even hot water bottles can be used for heating the bed.

Food and Water

Provide good and extra food for your dog that helps him to keep warm. Also make sure that your dog is drinking enough water that helps him to keep hydrated.

Groom your dog properly and it helps him to provide natural insulation against cold. Also cut the hairs in between the foot pad to prevent the formation of ice balls.