How to keep a track of your computer

pic We use computers in our day to day life. But our computer needs a protection form malicious users. While we are not at home someone might use our valuable resources in the computer or delete some of our important files. So we need some mechanism that can be used to detect the system and keep a track on the computer in our absence. Here are some tips that should be followed to keep a track of the programs or files that has been opened without your permissions. Through this you can view all the activities that have taken place in your computer. It is applicable to all the versions of windows.

SpectorSoft is a kind of software that can be installed on the computer and made to run in the machine while you are away. This software takes regular snapshots of the desktop at regular intervals and you can view these pictures later to keep a track on the tasks done on the machine. This software also records e-mails, chats, keystrokes and the web sites which have been visited by the user. Software named as eBlaster, is responsible for detecting the anonymous user’s tasks and sends them in your personal e- mail address. There is one more kind of software known as KeyKatcher. Which detects and stores the keys that have been pressed form the keyboard.

There is a file in the windows OS named as Index.dat. This file stores the names of the web sites that have been visited on the computer. It does not show any type of files, it only gives the lists of the web sites that have been accessed using Internet explorer. This file also contains a link to the cookies in the machine. Cookies help us to track the user IDs and password used to access the web. This file is generally used by the system administrators. Cookies also helps to increase the surfing speed of the computer.

You can find the file index.dat in the system as follows. Go to the start button then search option, then files and folders. Then put the file name index.dat in the search for box and click the button search. Before going for searching the file you should go to the more advanced button and check the search system as well as hidden files option. The system files are always hidden for their security,