How to Introduce New Fish to an Aquarium

New Fish to an Aquarium How to Introduce New Fish to an Aquarium

Aquarium is a place to keep under water animals and fish alive. Many people have the habit of keeping aquarium in their homes and they will be interested in adding new fish pets to their tank of water.

But at times the newly introduced fish or the existing fish may die after some days. This is because you have introduced the new fish in an improper way or you introduced an incompatible fish in to your aquarium. Many fishes used to keep their territories and if you introduced too many fish in a small tank there arise territorial problems and they will compete with each other. If incompatible fishes are introduced in the same tank then the weakest one among them become stressed and later get diseased. This disease may spread to others also. In order to avoid such problem you need to introduce a new fish properly to your aquarium and the following steps may help you to do so.

Tips to Introduce New Fish

Before Introducing the New Fish

Before introducing the new fish you need to provide enough hiding place like plants, rock etc for your new fish. This helps to avoid the stress with in the aquarium. Also try to rearrange the decorations with in the aquarium. This will break the established territories in the aquarium and your new fish will be introduced in to an equal ground where all fishes have to develop new territories. Feed your fishes before introducing a new mate and this will lessen the aggression towards the new fish.

Introducing a Fish to the Aquarium

It will be ideal to introduce more than one fish at a time as this will reduce the harassment on the new member. You will be taking the new fish in a plastic bag containing water. After reaching home drop this bag as such with out opening the bag in to your aquarium and allow it to float for 20 minutes. This will help the new fish to get accustomed to the new atmosphere and temperature.

Then open the bag and add equal amount of water that the bag contains from the tank to the bag and tie the bag. Make sure you are out spilling the water from the bag in to the tank. Now the bag contains twice its normal water and allows the bag to float for another 20 minutes. Now you have to catch the fish from the bag using a net and drop then in to the water in the aquarium. This will prevent the mixing of water from the bag in to the aquarium.

You must ensure proper water conditions like temperature, pH etc at the time of this stress. A healthy environment provides healthy fishes.