How to improve your body language

body-language It is a known truth that human brain is more receptive to visual images. Thus, our appearance, grooming and body language creates a more lasting impression than our verbal communication. Knowingly or unknowingly our bodies communicate a lot more than words. About 55% of human communication is based on what we see and the rest is what we hear.

Eye contact, facial expression, the position of our head, the pose of our hands and legs, movement of our arms, the distance we keep from each other all these indicated much more than words can express. So, in order to become an effective communicator both at office and in social fronts, improving your body language is a must.

Now, to be very frank, there is no specific advice on how to improve your body language. Since, whatever you do, you might be interpreted in several ways depending on the situation and person you are dealing with. Of course your body language will be different when you are in a business meeting and when you are dating someone interesting.

Understand, in order to change your body language you need to be aware about your body movements. Check out, how you walk, how you sit, notice your hand movements and your posture while you are talking. Stand in front of the mirror and scrutinize thoroughly. This will help you to study your body language better.

Once you have understood your own style you might as well want to improve on it. Be observant, try imitating others in bits and pieces. They can be your friends, family members, celebrity or even a stranger. However be careful don’t overdo anything. Be yourself. Practice and monitor the new techniques that you have learnt form others. Be at easy and be comfortable with yourself. You will be an expert in exhibiting confidence and charisma in non verbal communication.