How to impress your true love’s parents

how-to-meet-the-parents In the movie ‘Meet the Parents’, the hero tries hard to make a good impression on his girlfriend’s parents. His situation holds true for most people in real life. You finally meet your true love and then before you know it you’re meeting with his or her parents.

Making a good impression on the parents is important especially when a wedding is anticipated in the near future. Remember that his or her family will probably become a part of your life so make an effort to like them and make them like you.


Prepare yourself in advance by learning as much as possible about the parents. Find out their likes and dislikes, family history and any conflicts. This will help you to avoid an uncomfortable situation by inadvertently touching a nerve.

Confidence and calm

If you and your significant other truly love each other, he or she will already have sung your praises to their parents. So relax and try to be confident. Nervousness sometimes causes us to talk too much or too little.

Be yourself and don’t try too hard to please them. They will appreciate and respect you for who you are.

Dress to impress

This doesn’t mean you should go over the top with your outfit. Remember that they’re parents and belong to another generation. Be simple, modest, clean and neat.


Show them that you’ve been looking forward to this meeting (even if you’ve been dreading it!). Take interest in their conversation, ask questions and comment when necessary. However, don’t interrupt them so much that they get tired of you.

Speak up

Keep the conversation friendly and casual and avoid sensitive issues of discussion. Don’t lie if you’re not aware of something they’re talking about. Simultaneously, don’t appear too ignorant. Think up some topics of conversation beforehand if you’re naturally shy.


If you’re having dinner at their house, offer to help with the cleaning up. It doesn’t matter whether they let you or not. They will appreciate your offer nevertheless.

Finally, thank them for everything and express the hope of seeing them again.