How to identify Your Hair Type

hair-type How to identify Your Hair Type


There are different types of hair and with out knowing the type of hair people follows different methods to take care of their hair.. Hence if you want to properly take care of your hair you must know the type of hair that you have. Different hair types require different treatments for maintaining its health and beauty.

Types of Hairs

1.    Normal Hair

Normal hair is the one that can be managed easily. It will have a shining appearance with out having any excess oil and with the perfect level of moisture. After having hair set, the normal hair will settle down easily. A well balanced diet and proper exercise will be enough for maintaining the health of this hair type.

2.    Dry Hair

Dry hair is a result of the insufficient production of oil by the sebaceous gland. This causes dryness in the scalp and hair and the hair tip may break easily. You may also have itching in scalp due to dryness. Try to condition the hair frequently and also avoid the harsh shampoos. Use herbal oils for a hot oil massage and this will improve the condition of dry hair. Include cod liver oil, oily fish, vitamin B complex etc in your daily routine and you will be benefited.

3.    Oily Hair

People having oily skin are prone to have oily hair. Here the sebaceous gland in the scalp secretes more oil than that is required and this makes the hair oily. Oil with in the scalp and hair will attract dirt and this type of hair requires cleaning in every third or fourth day. People having oily hair are affected with dandruff attacks. To avoid the problems of oily hair you have to wash your hair with shampoos containing neem, henna etc. Never choose a harsh shampoo as it may cause more damage to your hair. You can add a few drops of cider vinegar or lemon on the water to give a final rinse to your hair. Avoid junk food and strong stimulants in your diet.

4.    Combination Hair

This is a fusion of oily hair and dry hair. The scalp and the hair roots act like oily hair type while the hair tips acts like dry hair. The hair tips may show splits and may break off easily. Hair tips look lighter in color.  The scalp may have dandruff. When the scalp requires shampooing the tips becomes soft and looks great. After shampooing the scalp, hair roots becomes neat and clean while the tips become rough and lifeless