How to host a potluck dinner

potluck The fast-paced life today coupled with the financial crisis across the world affords little time for parties and fun. Nevertheless, it is human nature to desire a break from routine and enjoy with friends and family. But the thought of having lavish dinners and parties immediately brings with it the thought of a budget. So how can you have an inexpensive party?

Host a potluck dinner. It may be an old-fashioned tradition, but it is fun and effective nevertheless. Friends and family share food and laughter, thus creating a feeling of unity and harmony.

In a potluck dinner, the guests prepare one food item each for the party. The host has to provide the plates and spoons, and sometimes beverages. A potluck may seem like an informal party but it needs planning and organization. Otherwise, you may end up with five salads and desserts but no main course!

Guest list

Make a list of the people invited for dinner. Find out if each of them can bring a dish; it is possible that some may not be able to provide food. In that case, you can ask them to bring drinks or desserts.

Constant co-ordination

Your guests can decide the food item they would like to prepare and bring for dinner. But it is better to organize the menu by assigning categories to all guests. Some can be in charge of desserts, others can take care of appetizers, and some one else can make the main course. Ensure that no two guests are preparing the same kind of meal.

A good host

As a host, you may need to provide water and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) if none of the guests can bring them. Also, you need to keep the plates, spoons and napkins ready. Set aside a table where the guests can place all the food. If you plan to have a large dish as your main course, then provide it yourself. Your guests will find it difficult to carry it from home.
Enjoy your potluck dinner by sharing, giving and receiving food. Bon appetit!