How to host a brunch

brunch Elaborate dinners and luncheons are a thing of the past. Nowadays, no one has the time to prepare long and detailed menus. Parties are an excuse for friends to come together and spend time with each other, catch up with news and gossip. Food and drink are an inevitable part of such a relaxing time.

A brunch is the perfect way to have your friends over for a meal without stressing yourself out about the preparation. A combination of breakfast and lunch, a brunch is an easy-going affair. It can be held on a lazy weekend day in the morning.

Go easy on the décor

You don’t need to transform your home into tinsel town for a casual brunch. Just make sure it is clean and tidy. To add a fresh look, you can arrange flowers in vases around the rooms. These will brighten the atmosphere.

Buffet brunch

A buffet is the best way to organize your brunch. This way you won’t have to worry about serving your guests, which can be quite worrisome in a large gathering. Let your guests help themselves to the food.

Arrange the food on different tables around the house. The starters and side dishes can be on one side, the main meal on another and the desserts and beverages on a different table. A systematic order will prevent crowds around one table and also long queues if there are many guests.

Breakfast and lunch

The food served doesn’t have to be too sophisticated. A few dishes each from breakfast and lunch will suffice. You can have egg preparations, salads, cheese, fruits and vegetables, meat-based dishes, muffins and bread.

For the drinks, coffee, tea juices, and alcohol (optional) can be served. Make sure you arrange for some desserts like pastries, chocolates, cupcakes, cookies etc. If you don’t have time to prepare the food yourself, you can purchase some of the items from shops and bakeries.

A brunch is mainly about relaxing and having a good time. So avoid stress and just enjoy the meal.