How to hire a wedding planner

weddin3 Having a wedding involves plenty of preparation. From the time you get engaged, you will be faced with a whirlwind of activities – from booking venues to buying a dress and cake, choosing menus, favors etc. All this can be overwhelming for the bride and groom to handle especially if they both have busy professions.

Coordinating the myriad tasks related to a wedding require skill. Hence, it would be a good idea to leave the planning of your wedding to a professional.

Wedding planners are experts in organizing weddings of all kinds. They work according to the necessary deadlines and budgets. They are aware of the prices involved and hence will know where the good bargains are. However, you need to consider certain factors before hiring a planner to coordinate your wedding.


As in every profession, there are good wedding planners and bad ones as well. Research the company you are hiring your planner from thoroughly. Find out its reputation in the industry. Talk to friends who have used wedding planners before and get their perspective.

Once you have decided on a planner, check his or her record in detail. Find out how many weddings he or she has managed. Were the events they handled successful or not? If possible, try and attend a wedding organized by the planner for first-hand information.

Meet the planner

It is necessary for both you and your fiancé to meet and interview the planner. Discuss all the details of your wedding thoroughly so that he or she has a clear picture of what you want.

Be honest with the budget you have in mind for the wedding. Thus, the planner will be able to get suitable prices for various things needed in your wedding.

Paying the planner

The manner of payment for the wedding planner should be fixed and put down in writing. A dishonorable planner might try to squeeze more money out of you than you can afford.

Your wedding planner can be your best friend or worst foe. Think twice and be wise when hiring a wedding planner.