How to Help Your Wife Through Labor

wife-through-labor How to Help Your Wife Through Labor

At the time of labor a woman may go through a lot of stress both physically and mentally. Only her husband can take of these stresses and being a partner you have a lot to do. You have to support your wife during the entire process and this will give her additional strength and comfort.

Roles of a Partner

When your wife make you know that she is going to deliver your baby, you have to gather everything for the labor which includes the pre packed maternity bag, some snacks, water, music, pictures, ice chips etc. You may need this if the labor got extended. Your wife may not be in a position to collect all these as she will be in pain and discomfort.

During the pregnancy period you need to accompany your wife for the child birth classes and they will give you instructions to make your wife breath and push. You can also learn about the acupressure points which may help your wife to reduce the pain. You can practice this with your wife before labor so that both of you will be prepared at the time of labor.

You can also walk with your wife as walking will stimulate the contractions. While walking you must support her as it will be difficult for her to walk alone. In order to distract her you can also play music, show the pictures of your kids etc. Try to offer her water in between as it will help her to sooth.

She may be easily annoyed or irritated during this period but you must not leave her at this point. Your support will be the greatest courage that she has then.

In case of emergencies you have to be with your wife and support her by telling that what’s going on. If your wife prefers to have epidural during the labor then support her. If you want to call anybody t assist you then ask your wife’s permission first and if she is comfortable with that person then only you need to call him. Otherwise she may be in more stress and it may create more problems.

While helping your wife in labor room you must take care to avoid the way of doctor. Try to be on the right leg side of your wife and it will be more comfortable for both of you.