How to Help Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Teen Drug Abuse How to Help Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Abuse of drugs by teens is a major problem faced by most of the parents. Teens have a tendency to experiment the drugs but unfortunately most of them fall in to drug abuse unknowingly. The following tips may help you to protect your kid from getting in to such habits.

Prevent Teen from Drug Abuse


Educate your kids about the harmful effects of drug abuse. Let then know and understand the dangers involved in drug abuse like transmission of diseases like HIV and other infectious diseases. Most probably your kids may get information about drugs from media or from their friends. But sometimes the information they get may be incorrect. Instead you have to ensure them the information given by you is the accurate one that they take in to account.

Instead of scolding them talk to them in a pleasing manner and always be their good friend. This helps them to share their stress and feelings with you. Tell them they can rely on you when ever they fall in any danger and you will be there to support them. Don’t be suspicious on them as it makes them rebels.


Involve your kid in some activities like sports, arts, dance, music, drama etc. Never force them to choose an activity that you likes, instead allow them to choose the one they like so that they will have more interest. Extracurricular activities make them busy and healthy and they don’t have time to get bored or wandered around. Such kids won’t easily fall in drug abuse or any such bad habits.

Know Their Friends

Try to know the friends of your kid and talk to them in a very friendly manner. This helps you to know more about their friends and their attitudes. Also try to know where they roam around and what they are doing there. Most of the kids get in to trouble through their friends circle. By knowing their friends you can avoid such problems.

Make your teens with lot of positive self esteem as this helps them to do well in their life.