How to Help Children with Autism

Children with Autism How to Help Children with Autism

Autism is a disorder that affects the central nervous system of a child from birth itself. It may also occur during the early days of life.

It may affect the child’s usual development patterns. Mainly three main areas are gets affected and they are interactions and social relationship with others, communication and language and interest and activities. The symptoms seen in different kids are not the same and it may vary from person to person. The real cause for this disorder is uncertain still experts suggest that the damage to the brain during prenatal period leads to autism. Other factors that increase the risk of getting autism are genetic abnormality, viral agents, immune intolerance, prenatal anoxia and even metabolic disorders.

Symptoms of Autism

Most of the autistic kids avoid eye contact with others. They may have a lack of interest in the surroundings and they may even avoid the loud sounds and at the same time they become distressed with certain other sounds.

Sometimes they won’t respond to their names also. Many of such kids are suspected to have hearing loss. They may express poor body language and most of the time uses nonverbal communication. They may be less affected with the feelings of other people and they don’t know how to express emotions, distress, pleasure etc. Most of autistic kids don’t want to be cuddled. They may have difficulty in expressing their needs and most of them may repeat the same words while talking. They may be unable to start or continue a conversation.

Tips to Help the Child

Care your child properly and make him a part of your family. You have to provide consistency in behavior as your autistic kid respond with bizarre behavior on confusions. While talking to your autistic kid you have to use the same words every time for the same action. You can correct your kid’s undesirable behaviors by behavior modification and give him rewards to get motivated. Always manage to stop the misbehavior by watching the cues shown by your kid. Watch his warning signs and guide him through the task with basic instructions and praise him on finishing the task. Find a special training center that can give proper and good training to your kid to meet his special needs. You can also go for a preschool training program.

Try to use your kid’s potential to the maximum.