How to help children to become organized

organised-child All parents want their children to be good and responsible individuals. They give them the best education and guidance. In addition, parents also need to teach their children the importance of organization. By doing all their work for them just because they are children can make them dependent on you.

Firstly, it is important to be a good example of organization yourself. Once children observe how their parents manage their daily work in an efficient manner, they will also be inspired to do the same.

Learning lists

Children will remember what they have to do if they have a visual aid to help them. So make a chart or list and place it in a visible place, so that they know their tasks for the day. These should vary according to the child’s age. Use different colors and pictures to help the child in easily identifying tasks.

Make it fun

Childhood is a time for children to enjoy. So make the organizing also appear like a fun game. Give them a reward for tasks that are completed successfully. This way they will be motivated to become organized.

Early responsibility

Teach your children the importance of the tasks they have to do. For example, when they come from school, teach them how to keep their bag and shoes in a particular place. Don’t do it for them as they will then take it for granted. Explain clearly the consequences of not doing their chores correctly.

Stick to the schedule

Designate a particular time for each task and maintain it everyday. This will help children know what to expect at a particular time each day. For example, after coming from school, you can give them a fixed time for recreation. Then assign a fixed time for homework, dinner and bedtime.

Of course, occasional easing of the rules can be allowed; they’re not in military school! Set aside a free time in which they can pursue activities of their choice.

Most importantly, it is necessary to understand every child’s individual personality. Helping them become organized will become much easier then.