How To Have The Perfect First Date

dating1 I cheated with the title, after all, there is no such thing as the perfect first date, there is however, a great first date. The dating game is a tricky minefield to navigate; there’s the serious nerves involved, the freaks to deal with and the wardrobe dilemma, but hopefully these tips will make the dating game just a little easier for you!

Be Confident – Confidence is sexy, and being sexy needn’t mean you wear your lowest, shortest, tightest dress. It’s best to leave something to his imagination, so opt for an outfit which is subtle, yet sexy.

Read my Body Language – If you’re interested try to practice open body language (no crossed arms, no averting his gaze), by looking him in the eye when talking, or when he’s talking, by touching his arm or somewhere non-threatening (hands off inner-thighs please!) which will put him at ease.

Creative Conversation – We all know the topics to best avoid (sex, politics and ex’s) but how about spice the conversation up with some quirky topics. Got a strange pet? Discuss it, these things will not only show him you’re fun and entertaining, but they’ll be sure to keep the mood light.

Attitude Adjustment – Go into the date expecting to make a new friend, or at best find out something about a new person. Going in laden with expectations of a future husband puts unneeded pressure on the date, which neither of you need!

Be Polite – If he’s just not your type, be honest, not demoralising. Simply say thanks but no-thanks. Refrain from informing him that his obsession with stuffed toys is just plain weird, there’s no need to hurt people unnecessarily!

Night Delights – So, the date was a hit, he’s cute and the sparks were flying. Can you go home together? In the end, it’s up to you, perhaps though, it’s best to keep the anticipation building at least for a few more dates!

Textual Healing – So it’s been a whole day and he hasn’t called? Step away from the phone! Give him a week to call and if he doesn’t, then feel free to call and ask him out. If he declines, resist the urge to

a) feel shattered (plenty other fish in the sea!) or

b) revert to grade-school and call him a loser, be mature and end the call.

So there you have it, some tried and tested tips for a great date!