How to have extraordinary invitations for your wedding

wedding-invitations Your wedding is a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion that deserves the best. Every couple wants this day to be unique, to make it the happiest day of their lives. An important part of this sacrament of matrimony is the people you share your day with. You invite them to witness the beginning of your new life together.

With the increasing developments in technology and art, people have come up with unique invitation cards. These extraordinary invitations are a departure from tradition but effective nevertheless to invite people to your celebration.


E-cards are used for almost every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries and Christmas as well. Couples can make their own electronic invitations by including their images, animation, slides etc. They can create a customized wedding website and advertise their wedding details on it for all people to see.

However, such invitations can have their drawbacks too. Remember that not everyone may have regular access to Internet. Also, the older guests may not be so enthusiastic about technological invitations.

Scroll it up

It is also possible to have invitations written out beautifully on parchment paper and roll them into scrolls. These can be tied with a ribbon or sealed with glue so that the guests can unfold the invitation to seen the details inside.

Picture perfect

A very economical way of sending out invitations is to use just a photograph of the couple. These can be framed and the details of the ceremony and reception can be written in calligraphy on the back of the photograph. To adorn the invite, ribbons, dried petals or lace can be attached to the frame of the photo.

A gift invitation

Handmade paper can be used to write the invitations. These can be enclosed in an elegantly wrapped gift box with rose petals, confetti and a photograph inside.

An extraordinary wedding invitation will ensure that your guests remember your wedding. They will treasure your beautiful and unique invitation card as a memento of your special day.