How to Have a Romantic Road Trip

roaddtrip There are times when you may want to escape the humdrum of life and hit the road to relax. Couples feel the stress of a busy and demanding life and often quarrel and clash with each other. In such cases, they can make a fresh start by taking a romantic road trip together.

A road trip is a great way to spend a weekend or a day off. Take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one. Remember that the trip is about the two of you, so plan everything according to your tastes and interests.

Romantic destination

Don’t be swayed by claims of ‘romantic destinations’ that are in popular demand. A romantic place for you and your partner should be one that you both enjoy visiting. It can be a spot the two of you visited when you first started dating, or any place with special memories.

Practical considerations

Romance aside; keep in mind all essential things to be taken on the trip. Food, clothing, first-aid kit, maps, cash etc should be carried without fail. It wouldn’t be very romantic if you got lost and ended up fighting and blaming each other.

Love tunes

Your musical tastes may differ like night and day, but avoid fighting over CDs on your journey. Reach a compromise: listen to romantic songs or songs that you enjoyed as teenagers. Or you can listen to each of your favorite songs alternatively, thus creating a win-win situation.

Romantic pastime

Talk about stories from your early days as a couple. Recall the magic of that first meeting and rekindle the old spark of romance. Play games that you both enjoy; stop at a scenic spot to enjoy a picnic or gaze silently at a beautiful view together.


The road trip will probably be over in a day or two, but you’ll remember it forever. So take plenty of pictures of each other and the place you visit. Buy and treasure souvenirs from the road trip.

Enjoy the company of your beloved on a fun and romantic road trip.