How to have a murder mystery party

party-games Want to break the monotony of life with some enthusiastic fun? Then, having a murder mystery party is one of the best ways to add some zest to life. There’s nothing like an evening of dressing up as characters and playing detective to enjoy a party.

A murder mystery party, however, takes a lot of planning. You need to ensure that everything is ready for execution on the day of the party.

Mystery of the plot

You can buy a murder mystery game and study its rules in advance to get an idea of the props, costumes and characters needed. Or you can write out your own murder mystery. Make sure it is a thrilling and interesting story that will keep your guests interested in the game.

Who’s who?

Prepare the guest list based on the characters needed for the game. Inform your guests at least a month in advance so that they have time to get costumes. In case of a cancellation, you will have time to arrange a backup. Make sure they keep their characters a secret from the other guests.

Mystery menu

At the party, you will be a part of the game and hence not have time to concentrate on the serving. Therefore, arrange a buffet with drinks and finger foods. This way your guests can help themselves to the food.

Be the host

As the host, it will be your responsibility to keep the game going. You need to make sure that the focus remains on ‘finding the murderer’. Ensure that everyone is fulfilling their roles and not getting distracted from the game. For this reason, you need to select guests whom you know well and are sure will take interest in playing the game.

The scene of crime

The setting for your murder mystery should be as authentic as possible. If it is set in the olden days, then try and incorporate some elements of that era in the décor.

Finally, put yourselves in the shoes of your character and get ready to solve the crime!